Processed Glass

Glass of any thickness can be processed from 4mm - 19mm. It can be cut to any shape, polished, bevelled, drilled or sandblasted. Processed glass has many uses throughout the home from table tops, worktops or to use as stair balustrade and shower screens.

Balustrading & glazing to Apartments at Abbey End, Kenilworth

The glass-fronted design of balconies and step-out balconies allow ample natural light to penetrate buildings whilst offering unobstructed views out and beautiful contemporary aesthetics which are a refreshing alternative to the unsightly cage-like appearance. Glass panels are subtly secured in place with a range of different brackets to help produce a modern look.

Incorporate processed glass to your staircase to make it a focal point in your home. This is also a fantastic solution for maximising the natural light and creating an airy, spacious feel.

Sandblasted glass adds a great look to a staircase and we can apply a polymacoated finish to the glass to prevent those sticky little finger marks.


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